About Cloudina

Cloudina is specially developed for people with reduced independency. It is a series of apps supporting the user to carry out daily activities which seem easy to most of us.  With the help of a carer or professional coach and through a management website, Cloudina can be tailored according to the needs of the individual user.


The user puts his/her own Cloudina together from the apps that are useful to him/her. Cloudina evolves with its owner. According to the needs of the user apps can be added or removed. Through the available settings on the management website AND on each individual app the use of Cloudina can be fine tuned. For example: free choice of pictures, font size, alternative time indication,…


cloud based.PNG


Cloudina is Cloud-based! All the information is transferred wirelessly, through the cloud, back and forth between the management website and Cloudina. This makes using and programming of Cloudina easier for both the user and the coach. Cloudina can be programmed even if the user is abroad! You only need a PC with internet connection.

User friendly

Each app is linear, meaning there is only one level and so the user does not get lost or confused in any tree structure.
The information cannot be erased or altered on the smartphone itself making the app easier to use. More importantly, pushing the "wrong" button has no negative consequences for the user.
In addition, the carer or professional coach needs no special computer experience or training to be able to use the management website.