How does it work?

During development the Calendar app has been continuously tested by many users with  challenges associated with cognition. The result is an easy to use calendar with different options that make it accessible for a large number of users.
The appointments (each shown as a picture) and the description of the activity appear as a list on the display which the user can scroll through easily. By tapping on an appointment the details of that appointment are shown on a new display where the date, the start time and the end time of the appointment are shown. There is also an indication of the time left until the start of the appointment for individuals who cannot read the hour. By touching the display the user goes back to the list of the appointments.


Agenda confirm knop.jpg

When the start time of an appointment is reached, the smartphone starts to ring and the appointment appears on the display. By pressing the Confirm button on the screen, the user can stop the ringing. At the same time the system registers that the user has confirmed the appointment and the coach will NOT be notified. If the user does not confirm the appointment, the coach gets a warning. This feature is very important, for example when the user must take some medicines and the coach/carer wants to be sure that he/she has remembered it.

Some of the available options:

  • Showing the appointments of today and tomorrow or the next seven days.
  • Showing icons for days
  • Showing day names
  • Choosing alarm sound
  • Changing the size of each item
  • Changing the font size
  • Protecting the settings by a pin code