The telephone app has two functions:


Making it easy to make phone calls. For each contact person a photo can be added. If there are less than 9 contact people, each one can be shown in a tile form. The user taps on a picture and the number of that person is dialed. If there are more than 9 contact persons, each of them is shown in a separate display. The user can then scroll through the telephone book.




This app can also be used to locate the user to the contact. On the page of each contact person an optional globe can be added. By tapping on this button, the GPS coordinates of the user (and the current address if it can determined) are sent to the contact person. Alternatively, those contact persons who have permission from the user can send the text message “get location” to the users’ smartphone. The smartphone sends its GPS coordinates automatically back to the sender. This is useful if the user is not able to push on the globe.

Some of the available options

  • Choosing if the phone number is displayed or not
  • Browsing through the telephone book using buttons instead of swiping
  • Showing the contacts in a tile form or one contact per page
  • Changing the font size
  • Protecting the settings with a pin code