Benefits for the coach/organization

More quality time

Because the clients become more independent and learn how to do things on their own a lot of time is saved. Instead of walking in the streets or sitting in a bus, the coach is back in the organization without any stress and has time to spend quality time with those clients who need it. One of the basic ideas of Cloudina and BlueAssist is that support is available at all time, but is offered when it is needed.

Support more clients

During the time that no help is required, the coach can do other things. It has been proven in Ithaka, the day care center where the idea of Cloudina and BlueAssist has been born, that the same number of staff can support more clients. Ithaka has realized an increase of capacity by more than 50%.

More flexibility

In most day care centers and other programs activities are organized collectively. A supervisor makes sure that a group of clients do an activity. The organization has a big problem if a supervisor calls in sick, for example. If the clients do activities outside the organization individually, this situation is not necessarily a problem. Besides, other coaches have time to stand in for their colleague. Even if some new appointments need to be programmed other coaches can do it very fast.

Lower accommodation costs

If a client wants or needs to do something outside the walls of the organization, somebody has to accompany him/her. You probably recognize the situation. What if the client could go outside alone? How much money does that save you? It is proven that Cloudina can help many people to do that.
The coach can support the client remotely. New appointments, phone numbers, pictures, BlueAssist messages are added on a management website. The smartphone of the client is updated through the cloud automatically. The users can receive new instructions even if they are not inside the organization.
No need any more to write a new appointment in the calendar of the client or stick new pictures in his/her album. Everything is done through the PC, much faster and cheaper.