30 days free trial

You can try the Cloudina apps 30 day for free. If you are not convinced of the advantages of Cloudina, which we seriously doubt, the trial stops automatically after these 30 days without any obligations.

*  Calendar:     €3,00

*  Telephone:   €3,00

*  Photoalbum: €3,00

*  BlueAssist:  €3,00

*  Camera:       €0,00






The subscription rates* of the modules are applicable since November 2015.

For current prices in the UK and the US please contact the local distibutor by clicking here.

To be able to use Cloudina, besides this subscription you need a smrtphone and a data subscription as well. A data subscription of 100MB per month is more than enough for a normal use of Cloudina. A telephone shop in your neighborhood can advise you more on this.

* The rates are inclusive taxes if applicable.